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Enhanced Security for your Debit and Credit Cards


First Federal Bank of Louisiana now offers debit and credit cards with chip technology. The embedded computer chip provides more security and wider international acceptance.

A microchip embedded in the card adds a new layer of protection against fraud for purchases made at the point of sale. Information programmed into the chip is personalized for your account and each transaction generates a unique code, adding an extra safeguard against unauthorized use and counterfeiting.


Using your Chip Card...

Start the payment process by ‘swiping’ your card, just as you do today. If the terminal is chip-enabled, you will be instructed to insert your card.

  1. Insert your card, face up and chip end into the chip-enabled terminal.

  2. Leave the card in the terminal during the entire transaction.

  3. Follow the instructions on the screen and either sign your name or enter your PIN as needed. Be sure to remove your card and take your receipt when the transaction is complete.

Chip Card Terminal img 


Using your Chip Card at an ATM...

Depending on the type of ATM, your experience may differ slightly. If your card stays visible in the card reader you will insert and remove your card as you normally would then follow the prompts. If your card is not visible in the card reader, a chip- enabled ATM will automatically recognize the chip on your card.

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There is no need to request a new card. You’ll automatically receive your chip card in the mail FREE of charge. To ensure that all of our cardholders have the additional protections offered by chip cards as soon as possible, we will begin replacing all credit and debit cards beginning in June and expect it to take approximately 12 months to complete. Once your new card arrives, be sure to activate it for use and then destroy your old card. 

For additional information about EMV Chip Cards, if you plan to travel internationally or have an immediate need for a chip card, call us at 337.421.1200, toll-free at 1.800.860.1238 or email us at

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